FIU Stadium construction history

Since it’s college football season in the United States, let’s take a break to introduce Florida International University’s football stadium, FIU Stadium. Yesterday, September 8th, was FIU’s football home opener against the University of Akron. Last night was also the first game after the stadium’s lower bowl was completed. This expansion creates a completely enclosed stadium for the first time ever.


The fully enclosed stadium on September 8, 2012 before the game versus Akron.


Fully enclosed stadium looking west.

The stadium was originally built in 1994, opening in 1995 as “FIU Community Stadium.” The stadium sat only 7,500 on mostly temporary bleachers, but it served its purpose for local high school football teams. After FIU began its own football program in 2002, however, the stadium changed its name to “FIU Stadium” and plans began to form to build a full, permanent stadium on the same on-campus site. That permanent stadium came in 2008, when FIU opened its new 18,000-seat stadium against the University of South Florida on September 20, 2008. The new stadium demolished most of the old stadium, leaving behind just the small ticket offices from the 1995 stadium to the north. The new stadium added permanent seating in a C-shape, leaving a gap along the northern sidelines where the visitor fans would sit on temporary bleachers from the original 1995 stadium. Now on September 8, 2012, the lower bowl of the stadium was finally completed, giving FIU Stadium a seating capacity of about 25,000. Future plans call for FIU Stadium to add a second level that will expand capacity to around 50,000 seats.


FIU Stadium original 1995 stadium: At the football team’s inaugural game in 2002 versus Saint Peter’s University with a seating capacity of about 17,000. This is the original stadium built in 1995 with temporary bleacher seating.


FIU Stadium Phase I: Renderings for the construction of the new stadium were released in 2007.


FIU Stadium Phase I: At the new stadium’s inaugural game on September 20, 2008 versus the University of South Florida. The original bleachers from the 1995 stadium can be seen on the north side. Capacity at this point was about 18,000, although numerous games, such as the 2010 homecoming game versus Duke University (22,682 fans) surpassed this capacity.

FIU Stadium Phase II: This is how the stadium roughly looks as of 2012 with a seating capacity of 25,000. The club seats on the north side of stadium have not been built yet however.


FIU Stadium Phase III: Top bowl completed, seating capacity around 50,000.


FIU Stadium Phase IV: Tower built with additional club seating.


FIU Stadium Phase IV: The original renderings released in 2007 showing FIU Stadium with a seating capacity of 45,000.

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  1. That’s a good looking stadium!

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