Você fala português?

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Portuguese in Deerfield Beach

In the majority of the United States, Spanish is the most commonly spoken second language. In many neighborhoods, cities and counties around the country, Spanish is even the most commonly spoken first language (see: the Bronx, Hialeah, Los Angeles and Miami). In Deerfield Beach, the language of choice is Portuguese.

The Brazilian population has been reported as growing rapidly as wealthy Brazilians purchase condominiums in upscale buildings in Miami’s Brickell neighborhood. In Deerfield Beach, the Brazilian population is mostly middle and working class, with many hailing from different regions of Brazil. In 2000, the Census reported that about 5% of Deerfield residents spoke Portuguese. Today, that number is claimed by some local Brazilians to be as high as 25%. Regardless of the exact amount, it’s enough to justify having trilingual signs in Deerfield Beach where Portuguese is second and Spanish is third. Portuguese is commonly seen on signs throughout Deerfield. Many shopping centers, stores, bakeries and restaurants in the area cater to the new Brazilian population. Green, yellow and blue are practically the de facto official colors of Deerfield Beach.

In Miami, the main three languages are Spanish, English and Haitian Creole. Creole is more prominent in the North Miami and Little Haiti neighborhoods. Spanish is most prominent in areas like Doral, Hialeah, Little Havana, Kendall and Westchester. English is spoken throughout by many as a first or second language. Fluency in multiple languages makes Miamians unique amongst most Americans. It could be said that Miamians are perhaps just more prepared for the globalized world.


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