Miami transit report: 09/2012

Summer is now over, which means Miami-Dade Transit (MDT) ridership begins to rise. September has been Metrorail’s strongest month in 2012, boasting an average 69,200 passengers a day. This is the highest passenger count on Metrorail since September 2008. This is an increase from Metrorail’s 62,100 passengers last month. Metromover stayed around the same at 29,900 passengers a day from 27,200 in August. Metrobus rose to 256,300 passengers from 237,900 in August.

Miami Airport/Central Station:
The new Miami Airport/Central Station stayed flat with another slight decrease in ridership. Daily passengers since the new station and Orange Line opened on July 28th are:

  • July 2012: 1,766 passengers
  • August 2012: 1,274 passengers
  • September 2012: 1,264 passengers

These low numbers place the airport station as the station with the third-lowest ridership in the Metro system. After at least six months will we be able to judge the success of the new station and line. I suspect ridership will rise within the next couple months as more riders learn about the new service. Time will tell.

Miami Metrorail ridership 2012


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