Broward Historical Commission

Broward Historical Commission.jpgThe Broward County Historical Commission is the governmental agency that oversees historic preservation efforts in the county. The historical commission has their offices in a beautifully restored 1920s-era school in Fort Lauderdale’s Sailboat Bend neighborhood. Sailboat Bend is a scenic, ten minute walk west of Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The school building served as the neighborhood’s local school until it was closed. The commission moved in, and inside is an expansive library on the region’s history and a small exhibit on Broward’s history. Currently, the exhibit is on the history of education in Broward County. The agency helps protect historic structures, fights for their restoration and helps promote education on the region’s past.

The building itself was restored a couple years back with funds from the county, before the county decided to sacrilegiously axe the whole agency and strip it to its bones in October 2010. Today, there are only a few staff members running it that maintain its small exhibit, library and preservation efforts. As the time keepers of the county’s history, they are an important asset. With an improved economy, hopefully the Broward Commission will see the value of the agency and increase funding. In the meantime, check out their exhibit, the building and take a walk around the neighborhood. Sailboat Bend is a charming historic neighborhood that is oftentimes overlooked.

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