Miami construction update: December 2012

Construction update of major projects under construction around the city. Construction is back in the city, and it’s back with vengeance.

For a recap of these projects and renderings of what they will look like once they are finished, read: Miami’s future skyscrapers: Part 1 and Part 2.

Brickell CitiCentre (now known as “Brickell CityCentre” with a ‘y’): Multiple construction cranes on site. Foundation work underway on all three parcels. It’ll be a while before the towers start going vertical. To say this project is huge, is an understatement.

Brickell CityCentre construction

Brickell House: Foundation work is underway. The second crane was just put on the construction site. Soon to go vertical.

Brickell House construction Brickell House construction2

Brownsville Transit Village: Construction finished earlier this year and residents are now beginning to move into these apartments. They are beautiful workforce housing adjacent to the Brownsville Metro station.

Brownsville1 Brownsville2

Miami Children’s Courthouse: The courthouse is being built in Downtown Miami’s Government Center neighborhood adjacent to the numerous other courthouses and governmental buildings in the area. The building broke ground in February 2011 and has topped off. Building will open in 2013.

Childrens Courthouse construction Childrens Courthouse construction2

Env Brickell: After numerous false starts for years under the name “Palace at Mary Brickell Village,” this apartment building is officially under construction with two construction cranes. The building is being built over the Publix/Mary Brickell Village parking garage in front of the Brickell Metro station. Since the foundation was finished when the shopping center was completed in May 2006, Env Brickell will go up fast.

EnV Brickell construction EnV Brickell construction2

Flatiron Park: Another project plagued by numerous false starts, Flatiron Park actually opened up. It looks great. Its future is unknown though, as the land is privately owned and the owner is looking to potentially build on the site. We shall see.

Flatiron park

Miami Art Museum: Construction is underway with an expected opening date in Fall 2013. Should be beautiful.

MAM construction

Miami Science Museum: Foundation is work is wrapping up and the building is starting to rise from the ground. The museum is set to open in 2015. No word yet from the city on landscape plans to redo the actual park… Bicentennial Park is set to be renamed Museum Park in a major plan that would turn it into a world-class bayfront park. As of now, the budget’s been cut and it’s unlikely anything spectacular will get done. I hold out hope though.

Miami Science Museum construction Miami Science Museum construction2

1100 Millecento: Ground work is just beginning. The Millecento site will be going through foundation work for the next couple months. Millecento construction1 Millecento construction2

MyBrickell: The first of the residential towers to go up since the Great Recession, MyBrickell is already making its mark on the skyline. This will be the first apartment tower to open, sometime in early 2014.MyBrickell construction MyBrickell construction2



  1. Nothing about Met 3 or Met Square?

    1. Nothing major going on on either site although both have projects proposed. Maybe in January, we’ll start to see some site work there.

      1. Really? Met III is currently under construction. They’re doing foundation work. Certainly more progress than Millecento, which is featured above.

      2. I’ll have to check out the Met III site then. Thanks for the heads up.

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  3. […] An update on all the new downtown construction [MetroAtlantic] · A retrospective of Art Basel Week 2012 [tropicult] · Miami Beach nightclubs and […]

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