Miami transit report: 11/2012

November saw another month of passenger ridership growth on all modes of Miami-Dade Transit. A record weekday average of 71,800 passengers rode Metrorail in November. This is the best recorded weekday average in Metrorail history! Could this be due to the increased reliability and convenience of Metrorail since the opening of the Orange Line? I think so.

  • Metromover ridership rose 7% from 30,100 average daily passengers in November 2011 to 32,200 in November 2012.
  • Metrorail ridership rose 9% from 66,000 average daily passengers in November 2011 to 71,800 in November 2012.
  • Metrobus ridership rose 0.5% from 256,600 average daily passengers in November 2011 to 258,000 in November 2012.

Miami Airport/Central Station:

I’ve been tracking passenger counts at the new airport station since its opening in July 2012, and little growth has occurred, although ridership on the Metrorail system on the whole is on the rise and this is likely to the opening of the Orange Line.

Ridership at Miami Airport/Central Station:

  • July 2012: 1,766 average daily passengers
  • August 2012: 1,274
  • September 2012: 1,264
  • October 2012: 1,373
  • November 2012: 1,417

Ridership MDT November 2012



  1. Thanks for the info. By chance, do you have the link to the MDT website where they post the rider stats? I can’t find it any more.

  2. Have you any idea how they compile these numbers? for instance you mention metromover ridership, which is a free service. On a bus there’s a least a machine counting how many fares are taken.

    1. As you enter a Metromover station, you’ll notice silver colored sensors on either side. These count every time a person walks in and out of the station. It’s fairly accurate, but definitely not perfect. Say for example you’re walking beside someone, it may just count both of you as one.

  3. Thanks for that link; I couldn’t find it on my own.

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