Friendly street design in Zaragoza

With a population of over 700,000, Zaragoza is Spain’s fourth-largest city after the big three of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. The city is also very dense, composed largely of apartment and office buildings ranging from 4 to 12 stories on average. Although certain avenues in the city can be wide, although still narrow by American standards, the vast majority of streets in Zaragoza are just the right size, symbiotically accommodating bicycles, cars, pedestrians, buses and now even trams.

The image below shows a view down Calle Miguel Servet, one of the primary arteries through the city. Buses and cars travel on this two-way street at a modest speed, creating a safe biking environment for the green (and elevated!) bike lanes on the side of the road. Unlike in Miami, crosswalks are located sensibly at every block and in some mid-blocks. No playing Frogger here. The elderly, children and adults alike can cross the streets safely and not risk their lives. Wish the same could be said about crossing SW 8th Street or Biscayne Boulevard.

Calles de Zaragoza- Miguel Servet

Friendly street design in Zaragoza creates a pleasant experience for pedestrians, bicyclists and automobile drivers. Calle Miguel Servet, Zaragoza, España


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