Miami construction update: Summer 2013

Here is an early Summer update of skyscraper construction in Miami. Since the last construction update in March, numerous new towers have been proposed and approved across the city. Most of these newly proposed towers plan to break ground in late Summer and Fall 2013. In the meantime, below are some updates on the towers currently under construction.

For a recap of these projects, with renderings and data, see: Miami’s future skyscrapers: Part 1 and Part 2.

1100 Millecento: The 42-story 1100 Millecento residential tower has gone vertical. The ground floor of this building looks like it’s going to be a great space. Especially overlooking Flatiron Park across the street, the location of this building is prime.

1100 millecento Miami street rendering

1100 Millecento

1100 Millecento Miami May 2013

Brickell CityCentre: The Brickell CityCentre sites are a massive construction project, spanning four city blocks in the center of Brickell. Of all the projects under construction in the city, this is by far the largest and arguably the most influential. Brickell CityCentre will bring 520,000 square feet of retail, 1,300 condominiums and apartments and almost a million square feet of office space. A crane has been placed on the site of the future 57-story hotel tower. The hotel tower will begin going vertical within the next coming weeks.

Brickell CitiCentre Miami aerial rendering

Brickell CityCentre

Brickell CityCentre construction May 2013

Brickell House: The 46-story residential tower, Brickell House is slowly rising. It’s already starting to create some significant shadows on that corner of Brickell (Brickell Bay Drive and SE 14th Street). That’s going to be one dark corner once Brickell House tops off.

Brickell House Miami rendering

Brickell House

Brickell House construction May 2013

Centro: Located at 151 SE 1 Street, Centro is a 36-story (130m/428 ft) residential tower in the heart of Historic Downtown Miami. The building is adjacent to the landmark Gusmán Center, a block off Flagler Street. The building with have 352 condominiums with ground floor retail.

One feature that makes Centro stand out from its Brickell counterparts, is like many other new Downtown residential towers, Centro will not have parking. This makes the units more affordable. Given the growing trend of transit and walkability in the city, this project will definitely appeal to the growing urban, no-car demographic in the city. Buildings with no parking are perfect for Downtown.

Centro Miami

Centro Miami. View looking west on SE 1st Street. The landmark Gusmán Center is to the right.

Centro Miami construction May 2013

Downtown Jewish Center: Currently located on Flagler Street, the Shul of Downtown is moving into a new religious center on 35 SE 9th Street in Brickell across the street from Grimpa. This is the only religious project underway in Downtown, but it represents a growing population in the inner city. The Archdiocese of Miami is also building a much larger church for Notre Dame D’Haiti Catholic Church in Little Haiti.

Downtown Jewish Center

Chabad Downtown Jewish Center

Downtown Miami Jewish Center construction May 2013

Env Brickell: The Behar Font-designed, 35-story residential tower continues to go vertical. Despite its look, Publix is open for business during construction.

envbrickell Sky Palace Mary Brickell Village rendering

EnV Brickell

enV Brickell construction May 2013

Met 3: The Whole Foods/parking garage of Met 3 is currently undergoing foundation work. With two construction cranes on site, Met 3 should rise quickly.

New Met 3 design

New Met 3 design with ground floor Downtown Whole Foods.

Met 3 construction May 2013

Met Square: Like Met 3, Met Square has been reincarnated in multiple forms over the years. This time around, Met Square is planned to include a 1,700-seat movie theater, numerous restaurants and a tower with 570 hotel rooms. Designed by Miami-based Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe, the same architecture firm that designed the neighboring Wells Fargo Center and JW Marriott Marquis, this hotel is planned to be a bargain hotel.

Located just steps from the mouth of the Miami River, this site had been inhabited by the Tequesta indians for hundreds of years. The site is currently undergoing site and foundation work that has uncovered incredible archaeological finds. Some of the findings include bones, pottery and even steps from Henry Flagler’s Royal Palm Hotel, which was built in 1897. It was Miami’s first major hotel that put the city on the tourist map. The last time major archaeological finds were found on a site, the project was cancelled. Today, that site is the Miami Circle Park. We’ll have to see how these findings play out for the Met Square project.

Met Square Miami

Met Square with 570-room hotel tower.

Met Square construction May 2013

MyBrickell: The first of the residential towers to go up since the Great Recession, MyBrickell has topped off and the construction crane taken down. Construction started in February 2012 and it took exactly a year for the tower to top off. Delivery of the 192 apartments to owners is scheduled for September 2013. By Christmas 2013, this corner of SE 5th Street may have hundreds of new residents.

mybrickell Miami final rendering

myBrickell 500 Brickell May 2013

Skyscraper canyon down SE 5th Street from 5th Street Metromover station.

West Brickell construction: West Brickell (Brickell west of the Metrorail line) is seeing its own building boom of hundreds of new rental apartments in four different towers. City Heights Apartments (145 SW 8th Street) at 22 stories and 98 apartments, Vista Grande Apartments (850 SW 2nd Avenue) with 89 apartments, West Brickell Apartments (1026 SW 2nd Avenue) with 32 apartments and West Brickell View Apartments (144 SW 8th Street) with 64 apartments. All of these are affordable rental apartments which will help provide more reasonable housing for everyday Miamians compared to the ultra-luxury condominiums being built east of the Metro line.

Brickell skyline construction May 2013

Construction everywhere. Cranes are up on every corner of Brickell again. It looks like 2007 again.

Past construction updates:



  1. Nice updates.

  2. One way or the other it’s all going to come crashing down. The anemic recovery we’re in has no legs. Congress has done nothing to sustain it.

  3. Let’s just hope that public transit can keep up with the added population!

  4. Misleading headline as this only focuses on Brickell, there is so much more to Miami as it grows.

  5. I am perpetually confused by Met3. Is the tower going to be built, or will it just be a Whole Foods?

    1. You’re not the only one. I’m not sure. Guess we’ll find out if they go beyond the parking garage.

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