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Prague streets Czech Republic

Friendly street design in Prague

Capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is a beautiful European city that has become one of the world’s most visited cities. Prague has a well preserved historic Medieval center with tight alleys, limited automobile traffic and human scale architecture. Beyond the city’s oldest quarters, however, the city continues to be a walker’s paradise. With an […]

Calles de Zaragoza- Miguel Servet

Friendly street design in Zaragoza

With a population of over 700,000, Zaragoza is Spain’s fourth-largest city after the big three of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. The city is also very dense, composed largely of apartment and office buildings ranging from 4 to 12 stories on average. Although certain avenues in the city can be wide, although still narrow by American […]

Miami from the sky

Flying over Miami’s Edgewater neighborhood on a descent into Miami Airport. The city looks beautiful at dusk.

The Motor City’s sleekest train

Any airport terminal that has a train running overhead is awesome. Detroit Metro Airport‘s McNamara Terminal, the airport’s international hub, has a nifty red train, the ExpressTram. The train is equal parts sleek and efficient. The train quietly transports hundreds of passengers overhead daily, rushing them from gate to gate. For a city oftentimes beleaguered for […]

Rue Gros Horlogue Rouen France

A stroll through Rouen

Rouen is a beautiful mid-sized city in France’s Upper Normandy (Haute Normandie). Streets in the heart of the city are narrow with a dense residential and commercial development that is incredibly rich in history. Rouen has preserved an amazingly large amount of its historic architecture with styles varying from Medieval and Renaissance to Baroque and […]

seoul metro subway escalator

Seoul Metro escalator

Don’t trip! The fall’s long. This pictures is from a recent trip to South Korea. In Seoul, metro stations are often very busy and crowded. The lack of people in this picture is almost an anomaly for Seoul.